Project Scope

Projects that suffer from scope creep also suffer budget-wise, because costs for the scope creep aren ' t considered. (Remember, scope creep is uncontrolled change in the project, such as when a user visits Achmed the programmer to ask him to put "just this one additional feature" into the code.) Add enough scope creep, and costs will careen far away from projections.

Material costs Additions to the scope may drive up material costs. For example, you might discover that you need an indexing server to help offload the efforts that your e-commerce server is using—an addition to the scope of the project and a material cost. Time costs Additions to scope result in additional time spent chasing after requirements definitions that don' t belong in the project unless they are certified by the change-management process.

Human-effort costs Some scope additions seem easy but turn out to require massive thinking and coding efforts, resulting in additional person- hours and perhaps even requiring the intervention of another person.

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