Project Schedule Phase I Activity Developing VSM graphic

■ Prepare graphics that represent the items that appear on each of the slot machine' s three spinners.

■ Prepare an overall graphic that represents the slot machine.

■ Prepare a graphic that represents the slot machine' s handle in several stages of motion.

■ Prepare a page-header graphic that represents a montage of all four

RLV hotels, including views outside and inside each plus shots of the hotel rooms, casinos, night-clubs, and restaurants.

■ Prepare a Winner! graphic.

■ Prepare a graphic that links to qLines airlines. Activity 2: Developing underlying code

■ Prepare code that randomly selects three graphics and places them on the screen in the slot machine windows.

■ Prepare code that determines whether we' ve selected a winner.

■ Prepare code that notifies a winner.

■ Prepare code that notifies a loser.

■ Prepare code that presents a user response survey, invites the user to respond and become eligible for a drawing for a three nights ' stay at the Texas, and posts record of information the user filled in to a SQL Server database.

■ Prepare code that switches user to qLines upon clicking qLines'


■ Prepare code that presents tours of RLV Group' s hotel rooms and amenities.

■ Prepare JavaScript code to act as banner ads on other websites.

Activity 3: Preparing ISP website presence

■ Prepare website area on W2U server.

■ Validate mirror site settings.

■ Document website information (IP addresses, DNS names, etc.). Activity 4: Testing

■ User acceptance testing (UAT)

■ System testing Activity 5: Marketing

■ Prepare print and media ads for new site.

■ Negotiate agreements for placement of web banners. Estimating Techniques

The cost estimating technique utilized in this project will be bottom-up. Schedule Format

The schedule format used in this project will be a combined activity listing combined with a Gantt chart.

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