Project Priority

In the pecking order of corporate projects, is your project a really big bird, or is it one that doesn' t have much visibility from the higher-ups? How does your project relate to all others being done within the organization? Will it receive the attention it needs? Is it a high-priority, high-profile effort? Does it compete (for dollars and staff members) with other projects? These are all answers you need to know. If you know where your project stands within the organization, you will be able to better forecast when stakeholders expect deliverables and how quickly you can anticipate receiving the dollars it needs to keep it on track. You won't have to wonder when staff members are available as resources for your project.

A drawback to determining your pecking order is that you may find that your project isn't very high-profile and that it is indeed in competition with others for funding and staffing. Nevertheless, you must manage and promote the project. Recall that by the time you' ve gotten to the scope definition of the project, you've already ascertained that the project is worthy and needed. Others, as it sometimes turns out, may not know this, or may believe more strongly in another project. At this juncture, though, you believe in the project.

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