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I listed the project phases earlier. In this section, I' l l elaborate on what each of the phases are about. You should keep in mind that these phases don 't need to be distinctively called out as you formulate your project documents and bind them into a project book. In other words, it ' s not really necessary to have a tab that says "Initiating." However, the concepts behind each phase should be discernable within a completed project: Someone with a project management background should be able to see from the documentation in the project book that you ' ve handled the initiating phase, and so on. (Larger projects might benefit from clearly delineated project phases labeled as such.)

The five previously mentioned project phases are:

Initiating Recognizes and authorizes a project to begin. It also recognizes that a new phase should begin in an existing project.

Planning Where you define the plan you ' l l use to accomplish the business need that the project is going to serve or satisfy.

Executing Coordinating people and other resources in order to effectively carry out the plan.

Controlling Monitoring project progress to be certain that project objectives are met. Also, taking action to get the plan back on track when things go awry.

Closing The often ignored phase. Closing formalizes acceptance of the project.

Tip A good way to memorize the order of these phases is to remember the name of the poison remedy that your momma used to keep around the house. Remember syrup of ipecac? Well, if you take the "a" out of ipecac, you ' l l have an easy mnemonic for remembering the project phase order: IPECC, initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

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Project Management Made Easy

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