Project Budget

The budget includes:

■ $100,000 for staff salaries during the web-page development process

■ ISP connectivity fees at $380/month—an ongoing expense RLV will have to account for in their bottom line—including dedicated server space and maintenance by the ISP of the website after it has deployed. The project budget will absorb the initial three months; thereafter, RLV will absorb this expense into their financial basis. Maintenance by the ISP includes nightly backups, restoration capabilities, and promised 99.999% uptime, including scheduled maintenance windows.

■ Prizes to be awarded by RLV Group, amounting to $5,000 ($3,000 for the Grand Prize and $2,000 for the nine First Prizes).

■ A $20,000 budget tolerance will be allowed.

■ A 1% bonus will be paid to the PM for delivery of the project up to 10 days early and up to 5% under budget. Final quality determination to be sign- off by executive project sponsor.

Total project budget: $106,140.

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