Prestige Hotels Roles Skills and Responsibilities

In the RLV Virtual Slot Machine (VSM) project, you' ve identified that you need two categories of technical people: graphic artists, and website developers who can make the action happen underlying the graphic arts. You' l l need some database work, testing, and marketing.

The graphic artist will be responsible for developing a slot machine, its arm, and the associated prize graphics that will make it look similar to a real Las Vegas slot machine. The arm and dials have to be separate, because code will be supplied so it appears to have been pulled. There will actually need to be different versions of the arm showing it up and down. The graphic arts segment of the project will, you believe, take a substantial portion (perhaps as much as half) of the project' s time—you ' l l know more when you get to the task-estimating section. You feel that you only need one graphic artist to render all the necessary drawings. Prestige Hotels has a staff of several graphic artists for just such purposes.

You' ve also identified that there will need to be some development work that mechanizes the VSM and makes it appear to be a working "one-armed bandit." You ' l l use experienced website developers for such work. Prestige Hotels also has a group of website developers, among which are two dedicated database administrators (DBAs) who work on the adjunct database work that the web developers might get involved in.

You' l l need to make sure that you' ve adequately tested the product, including the VSM itself, associated links, prize awarding, and other features.

Finally, you' l l need a marketing segment that gets the site out and advertised to both the media and cyber worlds so that people begin to hit it.

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