Prestige Hotels Project Requirements Formulation

Recall from Chapter 1 that your project request has come in from the Reno/ Las Vegas hotel group (called RLV), which has four hotels: Texas (cowboy theme), Bangkok (Far East), Cajun Blues (Louisiana), and Sidewinder (racing). The executive manager over the RLV Group wants you to develop a travel website that will entice visitors to book a hotel reservation. The manager wants a website that has the following:

■ The entry page will provide the visitor with an electronic slot machine. The surfer should be able to click a "Spin Eials" button and see activity similar to the way that casino slot machines operate.

■ The slot machine entry page will always come up with a "winner"—a combination that will determine what sort of discount or goodie the surfer will get if he or she books a room at the hotel.

■ There will be one big winner: a spin that brings up three cowboy hats, giving the surfer an all-expenses-paid trip to the Texas Hotel.

■ The site will offer the ability to view samples of the rooms in any of the hotels.

■ The site will offer the ability to book a room in a hotel. Surfers will be required to enter their credit card number to hold the room.

■ The site will offer the ability to book a plane ticket. Surfers will be required to pay for the flight before the tickets are issued. You' l l actually link to a partner airline, qLines, that has entered into an agreement with Prestige to provide low-cost airfare to travelers who stay at Prestige hotels.

■ The site will allow users to print out dining and show coupons for use when they visit.

■ The site will have links to other Prestige hotels.

■ The site must be up and running in 180 days, in time for the normal Las Vegas conference season.

RLV does not currently have its own website, nor does it have any contracts with any Internet service providers (ISPs).

You begin by interviewing the executive manager of the RLV Group, a delightful man named Rolf, as well as the person that Rolf thinks will be of the most benefit in helping you get the project going, an intelligent and communicative woman named Brittany.

Your interviews are to develop a requirements document that clearly delineates what the customer is looking for. Your requirements document will stipulate each deliverable the customer seeks and the requirements associated with each deliverable (recall that a requirement is a specification of a deliverable—the deliverable is a car, the requirement is that it' s blue). The bulleted items above are requirements. You have a single deliverable, the website. Certainly, the list they provided is quite inclusive and will give you a good start; however, you have a conference call with Rolf and Brittany in order to get a better feel for some of the requirements listed.

You mention that some requirements may take quite a bit of time, require resources that aren't necessarily at your disposal, and stretch the project ' s completion date out too far. Specifically you' re worried about the ability to book an airline ticket with qLines, fearing that you may not have control over some necessary resources, even though RLV has an agreement with qLines. You think that 180 days may be too short to get the airline booking piece up and running.

Rolf says, "I understand your fear about qLines and the short delivery date for the project. You have a great point about whether we could get cooperation from qLines to help us generate an airline ticket, but I think they said that they' ve done this before."

You ask about the difficulty of someone underage playing the slot game over the Internet. Brittany replies, "We thought you ' d handle this just like any other web transaction where you have to validate a person' s age. You can use whatever the best practices are for this kind of site in order to assure that we ' re not dealing with anyone who' s underage. If someone got the three cowboy hats and won the trip, we ' d validate their age prior to awarding the trip anyway. And if they book a hotel room online using their credit card, well, anyone with a credit card could do that even if they were under twenty-one anyway, so we think we' re covered."

Satisfied that you ve covered the bullet points that had you concerned, you set up a second interview with Rolf and Brittany, this time at their location. You fly out to the RLV headquarters and spend the day going over some drawings they ' ve made up to storyboard what they think the site should look like, as well as ironing out any last details you might need from them. While the storyboard will be helpful as a part of your requirements gathering process, you' re a little early in the process to be utilizing them just yet, so you set them aside.

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