Prestige Hotels Project Control

Fully engaged now in the Prestige Hotels RLV Virtual Slot Machine (VSM) project, you find that the majority of your tasks are controlling the project. You have set up a weekly stakeholders' meeting in which you give an update to the project. Since the project won't take more than six weeks, you don't feel that you need any more rigor than that.

You have run into a minor snag with the World To You (W2U) ISP. They have come back to you to state that they require an additional $200 per month to maintain a mirror site, though you specifically stated in your original negotiations with them that you required a mirror site and they included it in their original bid. You set up a meeting with them and take the bid with you to iron out the difficulty.

In looking at the schedule and budgetary items, you notice that for Activity 1, Task 2 (the graphic of the slot machine), Molly has already logged 10 hours on the project, and she thinks she still has 4 more to go, even though she was only allotted 8 hours for the task. By calculating budgeted hours versus what you now expect (8 / 14), you discover that even if you can get the schedule extended for this task, Molly is only at 57% of completion. The new BCWP will be 14 x $125 x 125% = $2,187.50. The CV, therefore, is $2,250 - $2,187.50 =

-$62.50. Recall that a negative CV means you' re in the hole, money-wise.

The CPI for this task is $2,250 / $2,187.50 = 1.03 (103%). Recall that a CPI of less than 1.0 means you' re over budget, and you ' re essentially right on budget for this task.

You also decide that not all of the code the developers have to write is predicated upon Molly ' s completion of the graphics. The developers don' t have to have a graphic of the slot machine developed, for example, to be able to write the random-number generator that will decide which symbols display in the VSM' s output. Although you had originally designed the graphics work as a predecessor to the coding work, you think that you can now put the code developers to work before the graphics are complete.

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