Prestige Hotels Managing Change

The intranet administrators have added your RLV project to the project intranet site, thus making a pre-prepared change-request page available for visitors to the site. The change-request page doesn ' t allow just anyone to register a request, however. You must be a member of the list of personnel authorized to turn in a change request for a given project. You can' t even bring up a project' s request form if you' re not a member of this list.

Morgan Wilson, your old friend from the network administration arm of RLV, happens to be on the list. He has turned in a change request asking that you add one of his servers to the list of mirror servers that the VSM website will utilize. He argues that by hosting the entire VSM site on W2U' s servers, there really isn' t a guarantee of fault tolerance or high availability.

Your urge is to simply deny the request, something you can quickly and easily do by clicking the Eeny button on the change-request intranet set (PMs are the only ones with this authority). But you suspect that Morgan will push this upstream to Rolf if you don' t handle it with a little more diplomacy than that.

You get Rolf, Brittany, and your boss, Pamela, together by conference call to discuss the situation. Brittany and Pamela are both on your side—they ' ve dealt with W2U in the past and are fine with the way they' ve been treated before. Rolf' s a little bit more of a sell because Morgan has done, in his words, "a fabulous job of managing the RLV network and would really like a shot at managing the VSM site." Finally, after an hour' s worth of discussion, Brittany and Pamela convince him that the site needs to stay where it' s at and that it ' s very secure, fault-tolerant, and highly available at W2U. You ' re not 100 percent convinced that Rolf thinks this is the best move, but you leave the meeting thinking that he ' s compromising and trying to make the best of the situation.

You go back to your desk and click the Deny button.

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