Predetermined Tools or Resources

Is it a foregone conclusion that the database of choice is going to be Oracle? Is it assumed that you ' l l run on Windows 2000 servers? That you' l l use Dell hardware? Is it safe to assume that all web graphics will be done by 'Doogey,' the computer science intern working in the development department? Make note of these parameters in this section of the scope document.

Some of these predeterminations are driven by the market sector. If you' re running a highway project that needs maps of the asphalt, the underlying conduit structure, and the sewer or subway lines below, you probably want a geographic information system (GIS) implementation—but there are only a handful of GIS software vendors to choose from. If your project is limited in this way, the customer, stakeholders, and project team should pick the best of breed for a given component. Best of breed means that you ' re examining the available products or solutions that do exist and picking the best one for the challenges required by your project.

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