Positive Aspects of the Project

Talk about what went right with the project. Provide detail regarding specific tasks that you thought went exceptionally well and why. You' l l also want to point out the stars on your team, the ones who made the project come together fabulously well. You should also include any positive comments that customers made about the project and its progress.

It would be a good political idea to also mention any positive participation that you experienced from non-team members—people from other departments or teams who helped you get your job done. Mentioning other departments has two positive effects: It reinforces the opinions of people from those departments, putting it in the back of their minds that they' d like to work for you on another project. And it shows other departments that your team wasn' t a force of one—that you needed them to help you get your job done. Isolationistic ideologies lead to factional company operations.

Also, with respect to the triple constraints of any project, if something went particularly well, it' s important to point it out at this time. If your project came in well under budget, ahead of schedule, or with an output whose quality is higher than expected, this should be mentioned in your closure document.

This part of the document is where you thank the participation of the stakeholders, customers who were directly involved, vendors, and sponsors.

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