Perhaps a Risk Becomes an Opportunity

The ". . . increase opportunities . . ." portion of the definition of risk response development is more interesting. Sometimes things that are perceived as risks can actually wind up being a benefit. For example, I was once involved in a project to upgrade a large enterprise from one version of server software to another. The project team thought that we were all ready to go, but we were stopped abruptly by a chief financial officer who said, in effect: "Whoa! Wait a minute. You haven 't tested this out enough; you haven't convinced me that you should go forward into a production implementation." At first, we thought of this CFO as a threat—a risk to the project. But after working through what he had to say, we were able to formulate some more robust testing plans and identify some issues we hadn't thought of earlier that would' ve really presented serious risks to the project! So something we observed as a risk actually wound up becoming an opportunity to improve the project.

Having covered a lot of ground about risk assessment in your requirements document, let' s see how this applies to the Prestige Hotels sample project.

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