The purpose of the project is to create an advertising website for the Reno/ Las Vegas (RLV) group—something that RLV has not had in the past. In order to tie in the fun and excitement of Las Vegas, plus capitalize on the uniqueness of the RLV hotels, the site will consist of a graphical working rendition of a slot machine, called a Virtual Slot Machine (VSM). Users of the VSM (called "surfers") will have a chance to spin the wheels on the slot machine by clicking their mouse on the VSM's lever. Depending on the results, a surfer will be able to win one of several prizes that RLV is offering.

The RLV site also utilizes the Prestige Hotels partner airline, qLines, so that there is a business relationship developed between the two entities. RLV points surfers to qLines' website, which gets an opportunity to book the surfer on a flight to Las Vegas for an RLV stay. qLines helps offset some the costs of the site.

The purpose of the entire venture is to entice surfers to electronically book their entire stay at RLV and their airline flight on qLines.

The site will be hosted by Prestige Hotel's Internet carrier, World To You (W2U) Inc. Sponsors

The project's executive sponsor is Rolf Montenegro, Executive Director of Operations for the RLV Group. The project's cosponsors are Brittany Salvage, Director of Marketing for the RLV Group, and Pamela Brown, Director of Project Management for Prestige Hotels.

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