Other Ways That a Project Can Conclude

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The project doesn' t necessarily have to have its success and completion criteria met in order to be concluded. There are other reasons that a project might end: Project canceled or postponed The project has been canceled or postponed indefinitely, regardless of whether or not the products and results have been completed. A project that ' s a loser going nowhere can be hard to cancel, but management will eventually make the call. Projects that should rightfully be postponed if the technology just isn' t there yet, or the funding isn't available, also fall into this category. Project plan not approved The project plan is not approved, and instead of sending you back to the old project management drawing board, the project is simply canceled. Projects that are proof of concept could easily fall into this genre—management simply feels that the project has untenable deliverables.

Project resources have been consumed The project ' s resources have been consumed: "That' s all there is, there ain't no more." You' ve run out of money, hardware, person-power, or some other resource, and you have no choice but to conclude the project.

Figure 13.1 shows all of the different flows into closure—the various ways that a project might enter the closing phase.

Figure 13.1: Flows into the closing phase

Note that if a project is cancelled or the project plan rejected, you could still be within the planning process, well ahead of project implementation. Even then, you would still run through the closing elements of the project, because the metrics you had developed might prove useful in another project.

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