When you examine the organizational characteristics of your now-finished project, you' re interested in more than the project plan itself. Things that will be of interest to you here involve how well the overall project came together. Pid the team members come in for their various tasks at just the right time, or did some of them have to wait for something else to happen before they could go to work? You should examine how well processes went into place and where you can improve next time. Things like equipment burn docs, network protocol assignments, coordination of physical equipment installations, and other orchestrated functions should be examined closely to see how you can improve them the next time.

It' s especially critical to pay attention to the details of any software development that your project was involved in. Examine the coding, documentation, and testing elements of the software development process. Pay close attention to the development tools that were utilized to see whether you had problems with them or they were adequate for the process. Examine the code repository system you used to store developed modules —did it meet the developer's needs? Furthermore, was the choice of development language appropriate for the project? Often, developers have pet languages that they'll use for all their work, but some projects may be better suited for a different language.

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