Organizational Changes

The dreaded "re-org" that you ' ve heard about at the water cooler the last couple of weeks has finally been made official at this morning' s department meeting. You ' l l be losing Jenny and Jiangxi—they' re being sent off to greener pastures. What now?

First things first: do some damage control. Get your team together and, if they haven ' t already heard the news, get it out in the open. "Jenny and Jiangxi are headed over to the new security department." Then, just like you' ve done with all the other working facets of your project, seek input from your team members on the best way to proceed. You might be surprised with the suggestions you get.

Next, communicate with the sponsor, who probably already knows, and seek input. Finally, discuss with the customers and stakeholders. Although the project may not necessarily need to come to a halt, you ' l l doubtless have to pull back a bit to reorganize the tasks and schedules.

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