Obtaining Formal Sign Off by Project Sponsors

Project sponsor sign-off is absolutely the most critical component of your work in developing the project scope document. Without sign-off, it' s open season as to what the project consists of and what resources you' l l use to accomplish it. By presenting a well-formulated project scope document that contains all of the elements we talked about in Chapters 2 and 3, you have accomplished the majority of the brute-force work that the project requires to get it going. Let' s recap what you've accomplished up to now, noting that some or all of these documents can be incorporated into one document when utilizing a PACE methodology:

■ First, you created a project concept statement (or document) that presents the basic ideas behind the project.

■ Next, you created a project charter, one requiring sign-off by the executive project sponsor.

■ You then developed a project scope document complete with all of the detail items associated with the project and the criteria that would denote successful conclusion and completion.

The project scope document is the legal binding authority that sets up the basis by which the project will be undertaken, states the resources to be used, restricts changes in the project plan, identifies the necessary project team skills, gives criteria by which you can estimate the success of the project and when the project has completed, and enumerates any constraints the project faces. It is at once a living document but one that' s sealed and bound at signing time. By the time you get sign-off on the scope document, you should be very clear how the project will take place and when it will be done. There should be very little guesswork or need for redefinition after the scope document is signed.

Now that our project scope document for Prestige Hotels is completed, let' s take a moment to see what it looks like when it' s approved.

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