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Want to have some more fun with XML? Try keying in mobile (that' s right, there ' s a space in between the words vb and mobile) then hit enter. Spaces in a URL are a surefire way to make a browser go south for the winter, but it works when hitting the Microsoft site. And the XML parsing that ' s done not only brings up hits for Visual Basic (VB), but also hits for mobile applications. How' s that for fancy XML coding? I should point out that behind the scenes, Microsoft doesn't have any references on its website to the string "vb". However, Microsoft uses a taxonomy server that acts as a translator for common Microsoft acronyms and then, using the power of XML lookups, offers you best bets for all of your search dynamics. Next, navigate to Microsoft' s main web page, At the top of the Microsoft page, click All Products. In the Address box of your browser, you' l l see this:

The number 22 is an XML reference to the language that the page is to use when presenting the site' s content. Change the number to 24, then hit Enter, and you' l l be presented with the French edition of the page. Key in 3 instead of 22, and you' l l be presented with the Simplified Chinese version. Key in 33, and you ' l l be very surprised, because you' l l be presented with the Hebrew version. Hebrew is read from right to left, so the page is, naturally, read from right to left.

Hopefully, you can see the incredible power that XML has and its ability to revolutionize the way that people interact with the Internet.

Incidentally, Microsoft' s U.S. website gets about 7,000,000 hits a day and is one of the top five sites being hit on a daily basis. (Oracle, Sun, MSN, and AOL usually round out the list, with Yahoo appearing very frequently.)

I wish that Microsoft would develop a site that talks about how they do project management. Of all the companies on earth today, Microsoft is probably one of the biggest that is heavily dependent on great project management techniques. Microsoft' s PMs have to be—they release new (often completely rewritten) code on a routine basis and usually ship the code on schedule and budget. How do they do that? Wouldn' t it be fun to have a Microsoft site devoted strictly to telling you how they get large software programs developed and out the door? (But then I guess that would be really interesting reading for Microsoft competitors...)

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