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Now that' s a heck of a URL! Folks at the University of Massachusetts went to the trouble of developing an online course that talks about the nuances of project cost-estimating techniques. It turns out that the course is pretty good. It ' s not heavily detailed but provides enough information to give you a feel for the estimating techniques you might utilize in any given project.

Once you navigate to this URL, click Cost Estimating Techniques and you' l l get where you need to go.

When I was researching cost estimating techniques for the book, I found no helpful hits on Gantthead, TechRepublic, or 4PM. When I searched Yahoo, I found a lot of companies that want to sell you cost-estimating software, but this was the only hit I found that really helped me understand better the science of cost-estimating. Congratulations, UMass, for a great service to the PM community!

So much of project management is linked to engineering, because it is with great engineering that new products are developed or that huge undertakings such as skyscrapers, rockets, and bridges are achieved. Because of this, cost estimating is considered an engineering function and can often have what I consider to be a too-laborious nature for the majority of IT projects. My sense is that the majority of IT

projects probably benefit from bottom-up estimating while the remainder utilize top-down, so the rigor of linear regression and parametric cost estimating probably won't be a part of your routine IT PM lifestyle.

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