Managing Project Delays

Project delays can almost be described as an inevitability that a project manager will face. How would you handle it, for example, if a vendor came to you and said, "I need two more weeks to deliver my product"? There are some things you can do to mitigate such delays. Dialog with the vendor The first thing you should do is make an appointment with the vendor and sit down to talk about the delay. See if you can find out whether there are things the vendor can do to shorten the delay. Perhaps you can't shorten the delay at all, perhaps you can. But if you don't try and simply accept the delay, you know for sure that you'll have to deal with an impact on the project's scope.

Scope impact Next, pinpoint the impact that the delay will have on the project's scope. The delay may have a domino effect on other activities within the project, so it's important to be careful when assessing scope impact.

Communication to stakeholders Finally, convene the stakeholders that will be affected by the delay and tell them what you've found out and how it will impact the scope.

With some delays, there is little that you can do. But with all delays, you should at least investigate whether there's anything that can be done to shorten the time and then communicate the delay to affected parties.

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