Legal Risks

■ SES might not approve our code for the VSM and might challenge us in court if we try to use it anyway. The algorithm they're providing is well known in computer science schools, so the argument could be put forward that we're legally OK to adopt it anyway. Risk is low.

■ W2U could lose its mirroring site and the normal RLV site. We have a contractual guarantee of one hour downtime per month in such instances. Beyond that, we have legal recourse. Risk is low.

■ A surfer might try to challenge the VSM in court, saying that we cannot prove he was not a winner. Surfer might try to provide some evidence of a winning spin that he'd somehow modified using computer technology. Risk is low.

■ A hacker might try to break into the website to modify the code or change the graphics so that thousands of surfers are Grand Prize winners. Risk is low. Business Requirements

■ The entry page will provide the visitor with a Virtual Slot Machine

(VSM). The surfer should be able to click a "Spin Eials" button and see activity similar to the way that the slot machines in the casinos operate. The VSM will always come up with a winning combination, which will determine what sort of discount or goodie the surfer will get if he or she books a room at the hotel. Prizes and combinations are described in the "Requirements" section of this plan.

■ The site will offer the ability to view samples of the rooms in any of the hotels and to book a room. Surfers will be required to enter their credit card number to hold the room.

■ The site will offer the ability to book a plane ticket on partner airline qLines. Surfers will be required to pay for the flight before the tickets are issued.

■ The site will allow users to print out dining and show coupons.

■ The site will have links to other Prestige hotels' sites.

■ The site must be up and running in 180 days, in time for the normal

Las Vegas conference season.

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