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To Our Valued Readers:

According to CompTIA, industry research reveals that 33% of IT projects are delivered later than expected. Leading consulting firms report that 74% percent of all IT projects come in over budget or run past the original deadline; 28% of projects fail altogether. Statistics such as these prompted CompTIA to acquire the IT Project+ certification as a means to support the transition of IT professionals and organizations from "traditional" technical roles into high-value business roles.

Just as CompTIA is committed to establishing measurable standards for certifying IT professionals over a wide range of categories, Sybex is committed to providing those professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to meet those standards. It has long been Sybex's desire to help bridge the knowledge and skills gap that currently confronts the IT industry.

Sybex expects the IT Project+ program to be well received, both by companies seeking qualified project managers and by the IT training community at large. Along with the existing line of vendor-neutral certifications from CompTIA, including A+, Network+, Server+, and I-Net+, the IT Project+ certification should prove to be an invaluable asset in the years ahead.

Our authors and editors have worked hard to ensure that this IT Project+ Study Guide is comprehensive, in-depth, and pedagogically sound. We're confident that this book will meet and exceed the demanding standards of the certification marketplace and help you, the IT Project+ exam candidate, succeed in your endeavors.

Good luck in pursuit of your IT Project+ certification!

Neil Edde

Associate Publisher—Certification

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