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Have you ever sat back and wondered how the pyramids were built? Or the Eiffel Tower? Or the Golden Gate Bridge? How did someone have the organizational skills to put all those people together and create such magnificent structures? Coming forward to recent times—how is Microsoft capable of putting together the literally millions of lines of code that become Windows 2000 or Windows XP? The answer to all of these: project management.

The CompTIA IT Project+ will test your knowledge of the extraordinarily large world of IT project management (PM). The basics of PM are simple and elegant, but there are many different opinions about how project PM should be done. Some PM experts suggest PM methodologies that are very rigorous, others more casual ones. It's left up to you to decide which you'll use and how you'll use it.

Fortunately, the IT Project+ test wasn't written with any one PM methodology in mind. Instead, it's written from the perspective of understanding good PM principles and techniques—something that all PM methodologies embrace. In IT Project+ Study Guide, you'll find plenty of discussion of these PM concepts, such as requirements definition; the concept, charter, and scope documents; the project planning process itself; risk assessment and management; and closing out the project. Also, you'll find that the exam quizzes you on categories that are hard to objectively test on, such as team-building and people management, and I give you the skinny on these as well.

If you have a modicum of practical, hands-on PM experience from your work background, you'll find that the test is much more PM-oriented than IT-oriented. I've included much more IT-centric material than you'll see on the test. I do this because there's an interesting quagmire in the PM industry today. Almost all new projects, regardless of their nature, utilize information systems in one way or another. So you'll find that your PM career will always involve some sort of IT—and IT presents many interesting twists in the road, in terms of project tasks. Dor example, suppose that you work for a large manufacturing concern. It used to be that the machinery that ran the manufacturing line didn't have any semblance of electronics or IT gear in it, anywhere. But today, manufacturing gear is full of electronics, along with servers and software that run the various manufacturing components. Some manufacturing segments even include lasers and robotics. I'd wager to say that regardless of your background, there is some segment of IT software and hardware running somewhere that directly affects your business.

Where should you go beyond taking your IT Project+ test? If you haven't already, and you find that you're interested in all things PM, you should enroll in a good university-level class that takes you through the heavier stages of PM. This book and this test only touch the surface of what's really out there. You'll find that there is so much more to learn that you could make a career out of managing projects. After all, that's what a project manager is, isn©t it?

Warning Don't just study the questions and answers in this book; the questions on the actual exam will be different from the practice ones included in the book and on the CD-ROM. The exam is designed to test your knowledge of a concept or objective, so use this book to learn the objective behind the question.

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Project Management Made Easy

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