Initiating a Project

Now you have now completed two documents, the project concept document and the project charter. The charter recognizes the key objectives of the project and stipulates who the project manager is and who the sponsors are. The charter also recognizes that there are stakeholders who have valid input into the project and reflects the needs of all concerned stakeholders. You are well into the initiating phase of the project, if you' re managing it according to the IPECC phases.

Your charter may need addenda or enhancements and a second round of signatures. If there' s a need to refine and expand the project, the charter will have to be refined and expanded as well. Adjustments, corrections, deletions, or additions to the charter will require that the initial signers re-visit the charter, re-evaluate its pertinence, and re-sign it. As changes are made to the charter, it' s also important to convey to the managers involved what the changes are and how they ' l l impact not only the project, but also the staff that ' s involved with the project.

You' re shifting gears from the first phase of the project, the project definition/conception phase, into the scope definition phase. Defining the scope of the project often means that you ' l l also have to expand or refine the charter, thus requiring signature updates.

Note Note that if the project is performed under contract, you can opt to use the signed contract as the project charter. It' s important to recognize that as the scope changes, parts of the contract may be written to account for such instances.

Now you understand the nature of the project concept document and the project charter. It is time to move into the next phase of your project plan' s development.

Let' s now take some time with our Prestige Hotels model project and walk through the needs and requirements assessment for our little fictitious case.

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