Infrastructure Changes

We' ve already talked about one aspect of infrastructure, that being human resources. But there are other infrastructure components that may require changing:

■ Computing systems

■ Software development environments (SDEs)

■ Server operating system platforms

■ Networking infrastructures

■ Delivery methodologies

Because projects vary so much, it ' s impossible to list all of the infrastructure components that an IT project might require. The basic idea is this: What elements are required to accomplish this project, and which of them will remain permanently after the project is over with? These elements make up the infrastructure of the project. For example, an IT project team member may have detailed out a Sun Solaris server running Unix for your database, but as the project moves forward, you find that the company' s network team has requested that you change this operating environment to Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server because that' s what they' re trained and skilled to support when the system is put into production.

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