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ones described in the question.

Just because the project plan' s steps have been documented as complete by the project manager does not imply that the project is indeed complete. When setting up completion criteria, you ' re stipulating the elements that signal that the project has reached finality. Two very common elements would be the signing off of the UAT process and the completion of system documentation, though there are many others.

Stakeholders are responsible for user acceptance testing (UAT) and its subsequent sign-off. They do not make budget decisions relative to your project, appoint project team members, or sign off on important project documents such as the project charter and scope.

You can't say that the IT staff is destined for failure, because it' s very possible that they might succeed. Nor can you say that they have no business going forward with their digital signature efforts— they' re merely reacting to a customer request, or at least the perception that they' ve had a customer request for this technology.

Stakeholders are responsible for UAT. The project sponsor should sign off on the scope document. Management must decide what the project priority is relative to other corporate projects. The project manager must develop the change-control process. A, D

The project sponsor shouldn t have veto power, provided you ve set up a well-thought-out and well-deployed change-control process. Just because project team members say "No" doesn 't mean the change shouldn' t be implemented. The stakeholders should participate in the project formulation process from its earliest stages and should be acutely aware of the impact an arbitrary or capricious change may have.

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