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In any phase other than closing, an unsuccessful project could be declared concluded.

The Organizing section of your closure document talks about how well you actually went about arranging the project' s elements. This would include things such as standardization of burn docs and network protocols, choreographing the installation of hardware, utilizing team members' time correctly, as well as the project plan itself.

Directing is all about you (and perhaps your team leads if you have a large project) and how well you implemented the project, both in terms of people leadership and project management skill. You' l l report on the elements of the project that seemed to go off without a hitch under your control as well as those things that could have gone better.

The metrics that you developed for the requirements, both success and completion, will help you declare the completion of the project and will allow your closure review report to objectively detail how well you did.

All projects should recognize some sort of closing phase, even if it ' s informal with a quick little document that specifies the criteria that indicated successful project completion, associated sign-off by the sponsor, and, of course, lessons learned.

The completion of the closing phase results in the documents that conclude the project and authorizes the release of the project' s resources, including team members.

The sponsor has the right to conclude the project any time he or she wants to. Remember that the sponsor is the one who can authorize the expenditure of resources in order to prepare the deliverables. However, you cannot call it a successful project until you' ve completed your testing and then have validated your success and completion metrics.

Since the sponsor isn't involved in these conversations, you' re not authorized to cancel the project until he tells you it' s OK. You' l l need to have the sponsor meet with the group and get to the bottom of their grievances, then do what he says to do. You would, of course, go through a closing phase even if he cancels it, so that you can evaluate the requirement metrics, prepare a lessons learned section, and obtain formal sign-off.

The sponsor is the one who signs off on the closure documents. As project manager, you create them, providing supporting documentation that illustrates that all deliverables have been successfully completed.

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