Implementation Plans

Because of the nature of the VSM, the majority of the design work must be performed by our graphics artist before any web coding can take place. Once all of the graphics components are in place, then developers will be able to finish the logic modules that will drive the VSM. Links to the qLines airline site and to W2U must also be accounted for. Testing and marketing phases occur within this project as well (see "Scheduled Tasks (WBS)").

Development Our development plan will be three-fold:

■ Create the graphics for the VSM

■ Pevelop the underlying code that operates the VSM

Hardware installation All hardware is hosted by W2U; we do not have to worry about server creation or administration. There is one component our PH people will be concerned about: making sure, once the VSM code is put on the W2U Web server and mirroring begins, that mirroring works correctly so we don't experience any site downtime.

Securing W2U handles all security monitoring for the website. However, our developers will manage the NTFS permissions in such a way that surfers have read-only access to all data but can still operate the VSM correctly. W2U maintains a 24X7X365 security team that monitors their perimeter network for any hacking or intrusion attacks. The team has a 100% success rate with barring would-be intruders. Configuration Surfers ' browsers will require no extra configuration. Netscape 5, Internet Explorer 5, and higher versions will work. Pevelopers will also test Opera 1 for compatibility but do not guarantee it. The Site Compliance verbiage, a standard at the bottom of all PH websites, denotes compatibility.

Testing The testing regimen is a bit unusual for this particular site. We ' l l begin with the developers testing the actual code to make sure it works correctly. We' l l then submit the entire site for testing to the users, to make sure they validate that what they see is what they want. We' l l supply a standard testing documentation work booklet that helps the user navigate and test accordingly. However, to fully regression-test the statistical model we ' re using on the spinners—to make sure there aren 't duplicate winners for one Grand Prize—we ' l l use simulation software testing to simulate millions of site hits over time. We've negotiated with the company that manufactures the electronic slot machines that actually sit inside the casino to provide us with the algorithm they use to guarantee that multiple large jackpots don't come up at once. It ' s easy to modify the algorithm so that only a single Grand Prize winner is awarded.

Other plans Marketing has an unusual place with this and other PH websites. Sites are only as good as people' s knowledge that they' re out on the Internet. We have two methodologies for getting this word out: print and media ads, and linking the RLV site to the common search engines (such as Yahoo, Excite, and Google). Marketing will begin developing their advertising campaign of the new site shortly after testing has occurred and when we' re confident that the live site will be available within a week or two. Support Plans

Ongoing support for the web pages will be provided 24^7X365 by Prestige Hotels' IT group. The website itself is supported 24 X7X365 by the W2U administration team. We ' ve had good experience with them and are confident of their support capabilities. Our developers will directly support any problems with the code.

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