Identifying Project Sponsors

Project sponsors are your friends. They' re the ones who want this project to happen, most likely because they' ve got something to gain by getting the project implemented and underway. These are the people you' l l go to with your project concept document and to whom you' l l make the presentation in order to get the resources you need to go forward. In order to get all that done, you need to understand who your sponsors are, what kind of information they' l l be looking for, what their technical level of understanding is, and what their hot buttons are (that you do and don't want to push). Your project concept document and associated presentation(s) need to be well formulated, clear, logically laid out, and to the point.

The project sponsor is the person who has the authority to approve the project, assign or help you obtain the resources, and, most importantly, resolve conflict. They ' re there to provide direction and make decisions. The project sponsor should clearly understand purpose, value, and scope of the project.

The project champion is the one who will keep the project in the limelight, in the forefront of things. This is the person who is going to keep it fresh in everyone ' s mind, keep the enthusiasm going, and keep people focused and motivated on the project ' s goals. The champion may not be the same as the sponsor, especially in big-league projects such as dams or high-rises, but in the IT world typically it is the same individual. The project manager usually isn't the project champion.

Tip Project sponsors aren ' t necessarily the same people as the customers requesting the project, although they can be.

It' s also important to recognize that you may require resources for successful project completion from people who aren 't project sponsors. You ' l l want to include them very early on in the project planning so that you don 't blindside them with requests for resources as you' re deploying the project. That kind of thing is a very good way to make a lot of enemies and wind up with an unsuccessful project.

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