How to Use This Book and CD

We've included several testing features, found in both the book and on the CP-ROM bound at the front of the book. At the beginning of the book (right after this introduction, in fact) is an assessment test that you can use to check your readiness for the actual exam. Take this exam before you start reading the book; it will help you determine the areas you may need to brush up on. The answers to the assessment test appear on a separate page after the last question of the test. Each answer also includes an explanation and a note telling you which chapter this material appears in.

To test your knowledge as you progress through the book, there are review questions at the end of each chapter. As you finish each chapter, answer the review questions and then check to see whether your answers are right—the correct answers appear on the page following the last review question. You can reread the section that deals with each question you got wrong to ensure that you get the correct answer the next time you are tested on the material.

Note In this book and on the CP-ROM, you will come across some questions that are similar to Select and Place and Prag-and-Prop formats, commonly found on Microsoft or CompTIA ' s live exams. These kinds of question formats will not be used on the actual IT Project+ exam. Every question on the IT Project+ exam will be Multiple Choice. We used these sophisticated question formats for this Study Guide to ensure that you were tested as comprehensively as possible.

On the CP, you' l l also find over 150 flashcard questions for on-the-go review. Pownload them right onto your Palm OS device for quick and convenient reviewing.

In addition to the assessment test and chapter review tests, you'll find a practice exam (in the back of the book and on the companion CD-ROM) and a bonus exam (only on the CD-ROM). Take these exams just as if you were actually taking the exams (i.e., without any reference material). When you have finished the first exam, move on to solidify your test-taking skills with the second exam. If you get more than 90 percent of the answers correct, you're ready to go ahead and take the real exam.

Additionally, if you are going to travel but still need to study for the IT Project+ exam, and you have a laptop with a CD-ROM drive, you can take this entire book with you just by taking the CD. This book is in PDD (Adobe Acrobat) format so it can be easily read on any computer.

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