Getting WBS Consensus and Sign Off

After formulating a WBS, there are two distinct project management steps you should run it through. First, go over the WBS with stakeholders so they have a chance to review it and make sure it meets the deliverable need the customer requested. Iteration again enters into the picture, if you find that one or more of the stakeholders does not agree that you've met the need. In such a case, it's back to the drawing board to try to refine the deliverable or its component tasks in such a way as to arrive at consensus among the stakeholders.

Note In a large project, consensus isn't something you necessarily want to try to garner across a huge stakeholder pool. Instead, concentrate on stakeholders who understand the deliverable and the process you went through to create its breakdown. It doesn't make sense to spend four hours to get a stakeholder to understand a deliverable, simply to obtain consensus on its development.

Second, obtain sign-off by the project sponsors of the WBS. Formal sign-off is required because, if you recall, the project sponsor is the one who can authorize the expenditure of resources (human and otherwise) to perform the work described in the WBS and to accomplish the creation of the deliverables.

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