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I used Yahoo! ( as much as any of the other sites listed here, simply because sometimes I couldn 't find any information within the other sites that pertained to what I needed to look for. I really pulled my hair out when writing about the Scheduled Tasks (WRS) objective (2.22) for the book. I couldn' t find anything, anywhere, that linked the acronym WRS with project management. Finally, I found one very obscure hit on Yahoo! that led me to the right place, and I was able to get enough information to mention what WRS was. (It has little relevance to actual IT project management, by the way, and I think whoever wrote this objective threw it in there just for grins.)

Anyway, I was surprised at the amount of stuff I couldn't find on Gantthead and 4PM, and that I had to use Yahoo! to find.

Note When searching Yahoo!, you probably won' t be surprised to learn that the majority of PM dialog on the Web is put out by various government organizations—the military, NASA, et al. Because of the nature of the way the government does things, heavy-duty project management is critical to them, so lots of discussion centers around government projects. Note that Yahoo! isn ' t the only search tool out on the Web. Google (, Excite (, and others can also provide great links to good information.

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