Finalizing Steps

Once you' ve written the formal project plan, you have a few final steps to take before you ' re done with it. Keep in mind that these may require iterative treatment—get feedback, rewrite the plan to account for that input, then recirculate the plan for more feedback. Circulate the plan Route the project plan to all stakeholders, as well as managers who aren't affiliated with the project but who may have a vested interest in it, for review. Obtain stakeholders' feedback Obtain finalized feedback from the stakeholders and managers who have input to the project plan.

Make final adjustments Make your final adjustments based upon the feedback you received.

Obtain sponsor sign-off Once the project plan has been through the full revision process and you feel that you ' ve obtained and addressed all concerns, submit the plan to the project sponsor for final approval.

It' s time now to see how a real project plan takes shape—as real, at any rate, as our fictional case study, Prestige Hotels.

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