Developing the Project Plan Steps and Closing Out the Planning Phase

We talked quite a bit in Chapter 7 about the project plan and its formulation. Now we go a bit further and discuss the steps you'll take in assembling the project planning elements and then closing out the planning phase.

The project plan is more than just the listing of tasks, activities, and phases involved in creating the deliverables. It includes other informational detail items that stakeholders need to know. When you assemble your project plan, include the following things:

■ Roles of stakeholders and their reporting needs

■ Project calendar

■ Tasks, activities, and phases

■ Cost- and time-estimating methods

■ Quality management plan

■ Teambuilding properties and scenarios

The project plan can be extremely complex in very large projects, involving page after page of documentation regarding the project, or very elementary for quick and easy projects. The basics of developing and assembling a project plan are as follows:

Assembling all documentation necessary, including the list of tasks, activities, and phases

■ Creating a formal project plan document, including a table of contents and formal writing process that moves a reader through the elements of the plan

■ Review of the plan by sponsors and stakeholders

■ Editing the plan to incorporate changes requested by sponsors and stakeholders

■ Final review by sponsor and sign-off

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