Determining Roles and Responsibilities

Development of the project team is an important step. Building a high- quality, professional team to implement the project will not only help bring the project in on time, with a satisfactory result, and under budget, it will also send a message that the project is important and effective. Solid team members might even point out weaknesses in a project and make recommendations that could affect its overall scope. So be it—that' s your role as project manager, to be a truth-teller about the project and to bring it to a successful conclusion, rather than bring in a shabby product simply because you obeyed unreasonable timelines or worked with minimal resources. Putting together a crack project team will help you do that.

On the other hand, if you fail to take into consideration the roles and desires of the customer or sponsor, it doesn' t matter how crack your project team is—your project will fall down.

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