Define an Outline for the Project Plan

It's unfortunate, but the formal project plan and the list of tasks, activities, and phases are both called the project plan." In this section, when I talk about the project plan, I'm referring to the entire project planning document. The list of tasks, activities, and phases is a handy way of representing the work, but in the project plan document that you submit to the sponsor, you'll include more than this simple list of tasks, as I pointed out earlier.

You' l l want to start any formal project plan with either an outline or a table of contents (TOC) that lists the plan ' s contents. Pepending on the size of the project, your TOC might be lengthy. The TOC doesn ' t have to be heavily detailed, but it should be comprehensive enough for readers to find the things they' re looking for in the document.

Then include the documents spoken of above, including a textual representation of your tasks, activities, and phases. Most word processors today include the ability to extract a TOC from your documents. You should include your list of tasks, activities, and phases in a word processor or spreadsheet format after you ' ve gone through the efforts of keying the details into your project plan software. The file types are interchangeable, and you can typically export to a conventional spreadsheet or even HTML format.

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