Conducting a Review Process

At the end of your project, conduct a comprehensive review process. During this process, you evaluate each phase of the project in order to determine which things went right in that phase and which things could have been improved. The reason for this kind of review is so that you can improve your overall project management quality on the next project.

Not that you' l l ever have a perfect project, but you can certainly get closer to the mark by evaluating your previous work and making adjustments as necessary.

The following subsections describe some of the areas in which you' l l concentrate your review process. All of the information generated can be kept in a single document, or you can choose to write a document for each category. Obviously, the larger the project, the more documentation you' re going to need to create for any given category. All of this documentation will go into the project book, whether that book is electronic or paper in form.

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Project Management Made Easy

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