CompTIA Exam Objectives Covered in this Chapter

■ 2.1 Given an approved project scope document, and detailed schedule and budget information, demonstrate the ability to create a project management plan that illustrates the following:

o Understanding of the roles of stakeholders, what reporting information each needs, and when it is needed o Knowledge of how to establish a project tracking mechanism.

■ 2.2 Given a scenario with necessary project documents, and given enterprise holiday and individual resource calendars, demonstrate the ability to develop an initial project schedule by doing the following:

o Define and sequence project tasks, activities, and phases which are needed to bring about the completion of given interim or finished project deliverables o Estimate durations for project tasks, activities, and phases o Specify resources required for the completion of each phase o Give informal analysis of specific project team and stakeholder requirements, determine the appropriate schedule format(s) for a given individual (Gantt, PERT, text table, milestone chart, ordinary calendar, etc.)

■ 2.3 Demonstrate understanding of the following budgeting concepts, techniques, and issues:

o The concept of bottom-up cost estimates, their purpose, and the conditions under which they are necessary o Standard engineering estimate techniques that can be used to solicit initial financial budget inputs based on mutual agreeable high level requirements o Issues to consider when transforming a project cost estimate into a budget and a plan for addressing spending requirements over time

■ 2.4 Identify the characteristics of a formal project quality management plan

(e.g., measured quality checkpoints, assignments for architectural control, systems test, and unit tests, user sign-off, etc.).

■ 2.5 Given a team-building scenario, including a scope definition and WBS, identify selection criteria for particular team members. Demonstrate the ability to ask interview questions that will assist the team selection process. Assume project organization inclusive of: o Business o Leadership o Administration o Technical o Stakeholders

■ 2.6 Identify methods for resolving disagreements among team members when evaluating the suitability of deliverables at each point in their evolution.

Having spent several chapters on project concept, charter, requirements, and scope formulation and refinement, and hopefully arriving at a solid scope definition, you' re now ready to create your project plan. Without all that up-front work, you' d really have no way of knowing how extensive your plan should be. Now that you know the requirements and scope, creation of the plan should go much more smoothly. We' l l talk about the basics of formulating a project plan, setting up your project team (as well as resolving disagreements among team members), preparing a budget, and formulating quality control methods in this chapter.

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