CompTIA Exam Objectives Covered in this Chapter

■ 1.8 Identify the following as important roles and responsibilities that should be determined during the definition of project scope:

a. The role of the customer (sponsor) of the project as they relate to the project manager b. The major skills required in the project team c. The type of team structure; e.g., part-time matrix, full-time matrix d. The role of the project manager including any or all of the following:

■ Responsibilities, accountabilities

■ Authority; formal and informal

■ uercentage of time available to this project

■ Performance appraisal process relative to this project

■ A communication plan including type of communication, purpose, recipients, and frequency

■ 1.9 Given a proposed scope definition and based on the scope components, assess the viability of a given project component against a pre-determined list of constraints, including:

■ A clearly defined project end date

■ A clearly defined set of monetary resource or allocation

■ A clearly defined set of product requirements, based on a thorough decomposition of the system' s hardware and software components

■ Clearly defined completion criteria

■ Clearly defined priorities

■ The relative priority of cost, schedule, and scope

■ Project ownership

■ Mandated tools, personnel, and other resources

■ The requirement that scope will change only per change control

■ Vendor terms and conditions

■ Company terms and conditions

■ A "best practices" life cycle for this type of project

■ Required reviews of deliverables by stakeholders and approvals by sponsors

■ 1.10 Recognize and explain the need to obtain formal approval (sign-off) by the project sponsor(s) and confirm other relevant management support to consume organization as the project scope statement is being developed.

Having built the skeleton of your project' s scope, you can now move into its refinement—the muscle, hair, teeth, eyes, and skin, if you will. In this chapter, I' l l talk about things like determining roles and responsibilities, assessing project viability, and obtaining formal buy-in for the project from its sponsor.

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