Budgetary Issues

■ Cost center 141943 will be utilized for all coding efforts.

■ Cost center 151822 will be utilized for all marketing efforts.

■ Cost center 141940 will be utilize for all graphics development.

■ Cost center 333000 will be utilized for RLV admin.

■ Cost center 222000 will be utilized for PH admin.

■ PO 9437220 was initiated for the W2U server space, one year' s lease

(including maintenance).

■ Contract A1240 between qLines and RLV has been reviewed by PH

legal and signed. Contract dictates agreement that users who click to qLines from RLV VSM site and purchase an airline ticket electronically as a result of that click-through will result in a $50 payback to RLV Group, directed to cost center 333124. Quality Management Scenarios

■ Checkpoints will be handled throughout code development. Team leader (Hajit Sami) will document code checkpoints.

■ Architectural control at all stages will be handled by Hajit Sami.

■ Unit testing will be performed by David Green and Smiley Smith.

■ Simulation software currently in use at PH will be utilized to stress-test the site prior to UAT.

■ UAT to be performed by several volunteer end users at PH and RLV.

■ Systems testing to be performed by Brittany Salvage and Pamela


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