Be able to informally determine the business need and feasibility of the project In

project management, communication is everything. If the project really has no merit, this fact needs to be pointed out. If the project isn't feasible, this too is something that needs to surface.

Be able to identify project sponsors and champions who will help in the procurement of resources. Resources—money, time, and people—are the things that get the project done. Without a project sponsor to help you stock up on the resources you need, the project won ' t happen.

Be prepared to obtain formal approval from the project sponsor. Preferably a single executive sponsor. Formal approval is required.

Be able to confirm management support. Communication to other managers who have an interest in the project (but who have not officially sponsored it) is vital. Never, ever blindside a manager.

Be able to synthesize a project charter. Understand the components of the project charter and why one is required. Obtain formal sign-off on the charter.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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