Analyzing Program Requirements

Projects should begin with a project kick-off meeting. This is the first in a series of meetings to be held during the course of the project. The project kick-off meeting establishes the communication lines and begins the formal communication process that' s vital to any project.

At this kick-off meeting, initial agreement is reached on the requirements, delivery dates, and performance and budget constraints.

Regular project status meetings should be held throughout the course of the project. These meetings should include requirements reviews, project progress compared to the project plan, delivery dates, budget updates, and other items pertaining to the success of the project. It' s very easy for a development team to become myopic in their development process and stray away from the overall requirements of the projects. Routine status meetings can keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Published status reports should cover the same information.

Tip Above all, be honest. Encourage team members reporting to you to be honest. There is nothing worse than reporting to your project sponsor for weeks that the project is on track only to discover (or finally ' 'ess up) that a critical component is behind schedule and will cause the entire project to be delayed or even canceled. Project sponsors and stakeholders would rather know the truth up front and have time to address alternatives than be lied to about project progress.

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