Activity Developing underlying code

120 development hours @ $145/hr, 24 PBA hours @ $135/hr, and 16 graphic artist hours @ $125/hr; plus 125% overhead factor. (Note: Pevelopment cost per hour is averaged over junior/senior cost differences.)

■ Time: 120 hours development, 24 hours PBA, 16 hours graphic arts

■ Materials: $26,520.00. Consists of database license, $3,600;

ColdFusion license, $18,500; and 20% overhead figure for shipping, cost increases at shipment time, etc. (Remember that all software resides on the W2U servers, so you don't need to purchase a server, but you do need to purchase a license for the software that' s going to run on it.)

Task 1: Prepare the code that randomly selects three graphics and places them on the screen in the slot machine windows. 16 developer hours

Task 2: Prepare code that determines whether we' ve selected a winner. 16 developer hours

Task 3: Prepare code that notifies a winner. 8 developer hours Task 4: Prepare code that notifies a loser. 8 developer hours

Task 5: Prepare code that presents a user response survey, invites the user to respond and become eligible for a drawing, and posts record of information the user filled in to SQL Server database. 16 developer hours, 16 PBA hours

Task 6: Prepare code that switches user to qLines upon clicking qLines graphic. 4 developer hours

Task 7: Prepare code that presents tours of RLV groups' hotel rooms and amenities. 32 developer hours, 16 graphic artist hours, 8 PBA hours

Task 8: Prepare JavaScript code to act as banner ads on other websites. 8 developer hours

Task 9: Document all code. 12 developer hours Activity 3: Preparing ISP website presence

7 contract hours @ $250/hr (Renee Puluth is a contractor with W2U); add 20% estimate variance

■ Task 1: Prepare website area on W2U server. 4 contract hours

■ Task 2: Validate mirror site settings. 2 contract hours

■ Task 3: Document website information (IP addresses, PNS names, etc.). 1 contract hour Activity 4: Testing

48 development hours @ $145/hr, 8 user hours @ $65/hr, plus 125% overhead

■ Time: 48 developer hours, 8 user hours

Task 1: Unit testing. 32 developer hours Task 2: UAT. 8 user hours

Task 3: System testing. 16 developer hours. (Note: Simulation software already owned by web development team.)

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