Review Organizational Resource Utilization Impacts

Resource requirements for the current project opportunity should be evaluated against the total portfolio of projects. This examination can be presented using a spreadsheet or other analytical tool. It includes examination of other projects' resource allocation plans (or extracted summaries), and it provides for a review of the total financial commitments and staffing requirements tallied across all projects. The following considerations can be deliberated:

■ Are the resource projections within the limits of the organization if this project is added to the portfolio?

■ Are changes to project scope or external staffing needed to do this project?

■ Is the pending resource utilization commitment financially sound? Is there flexibility to handle unanticipated changes?

■ What is the total impact on resource availability relative to the number and types of particular skills available?

■ Do interests in applying resources to this project make any other projects stand out to be adjusted or eliminated?

■ Relative to resource skill and availability, is this project too big? Too risky? Too unknown? Of marginal benefit?

■ Can project schedules be adjusted or scope scaled differently to have a different impact on financial resources or on resource utilization?

■ Can personnel be grouped or clustered so that several projects can be supported simultaneously?

Key points resulting from this examination of the impact on organizational resources should be included in the resource allocation plan.

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