Practice Management

Chapter 1

Project Management Methodology

A project management methodology provides a standard, repeatable process to guide project performance from concept to completion. It introduces and applies generally accepted project management techniques and practices that fit within the culture and business needs of the relevant organization. It includes identification of the roles and responsibilities associated with each process step, as well as specification of the input and output for the prescribed sequence of process steps. In essence, a project management methodology conveys to project managers and project team members what to do and how to do it.

The organization can begin fulfilling methodology needs by first introducing just a series of simple processes for use in the project management environment. This will ensure that the activities of project management that are most essential to the relevant organization are being completed. Then, having this foundation, the organization should aim toward developing a more complete and comprehensive process that specifies activities for the entire project management life cycle. This "complete" methodology should address five general project management functions: (1) initiation, (2) planning, (3) executing, (4) controlling, and (5) closing.

A methodology is developed to apply adopted standards and practices to project management, such as that contained in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®*). The specification of standards

* PMBOK is a trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI), which is registered in the United States and other nations.

and practices is what differentiates the project management methodology from a technical methodology. The project management methodology is a set of processes that can be applied to all types of projects in the relevant organization. In contrast, a technical methodology applies technical standards and deals primarily with the technical aspects of work associated with projects. In larger organizations, there may be one or more technical methodologies needed to accomplish work in different business units. Conversely, the project management methodology can be the same one used across all business units in the relevant organization. Ideally, the organization's project management methodology will be constructed to integrate one or more technical processes for seamless use.

This "project management methodology" function enables the Project Management Office (PMO) to:

■ Establish the standard approach to project management that is to be used by all project managers within the relevant organization.

■ Introduce project management practices incrementally, beginning with those that have the greatest impact on project and business success.

■ Achieve consensus for implementing a common project management life cycle across the relevant organization's technical and business areas.

■ Provide for collection of pertinent project data used in individual and aggregate analyses of project performance.

■ Identify and incorporate technical and business processes into the project management methodology.

The "project management methodology" function requires coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders — predominantly project managers — in the project management environment. It is imperative that any project management methodology grows to be supportive of technical and business efforts, so it is essential to involve project engineers, product managers, and other technical and business specialists, as simple processes are expanded to life-cycle processes. Furthermore, because policies for methodology deployment are formulated and communicated to all project participants at the executive level, the development and deployment of a standard project management methodology within the relevant organization distinctly requires executive level and senior management buy-in and support.

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