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Prepare Methodology Deployment Strategy

The methodology deployment strategy provides a roadmap for methodology design, development, implementation, and maintenance. It contains the current and emerging strategy of the organization and can therefore be revised or updated over time. As approved by senior management, this strategy represents the PMO's current intended approach to methodology deployment. The strategy can be shared throughout the organization, as necessary, with individuals having responsibility or business interests in the project management methodology deployment effort.

The methodology deployment strategy consists of the following elements:

■ Methodology development responsibility statement

■ Methodology development approach

■ Methodology platform

■ Methodology utilization policy

■ Methodology implementation approach

■ Methodology maintenance responsibility statement

The PMO can adapt or expand these strategy elements to meet the needs of the relevant organization. In general, the PMO prepares or facilitates the preparation of the methodology deployment strategy to guide and document how the project management methodology is to be established and used. Each strategy element is described in the following subsections.

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