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This configuration is one in which all project managers and project team members are assigned to the PMO as a component of the PMO staff. There may be a distinction made between these project resources and members of the PMO staff working in specific function or support roles. However, once resources are assigned to the PMO, that distinction may be reduced as resources become available for work assigned on projects or on PMO functional efforts. The following list identifies a few of the prominent impacts of this condition on the PMO and the project management environment:

■ The PMO can hold central accountability for the assignment and performance of all resources in the project management environment.

■ The PMO can identify and commit the specific project resources that are qualified to perform approved project efforts.

■ The PMO can analyze skill and competency requirements, prescribe professional development activities, and forecast project resource strength in specific technical and professional competency areas in advance of needs.

■ The PMO can monitor and manage resource utilization across all projects and redirect resources to critical tasks as warranted by project needs and business priorities.

■ The PMO can effectively implement standard, repeatable processes within the project management environment.

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