Using Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is almost always involved when it comes to creating the project scope statement. It's all about the customer's demands, wishes, and goals for the project. The project management team interviews the stakeholders and categories, prioritizes, and documents what the customer wants and needs. This is fundamental to project management: You and the key stakeholders must be in agreement on what the project will create, or the project scope statement cannot be created and approved. Without an agreement of what the requirements for acceptance are, the project is moving towards inevitable failure.

Here's another gotcha with stakeholder analysis: If you can't quantify it, if you can't measure it, you can't create it. For example, a fast office network isn't quantified. Customer satisfaction isn't quantified. And happy, warm-fuzzy, and good aren't quantified. The project scope statement needs to define in exact terms the acceptable ranges for all of the project deliverables. Any project requirements must be quantifiable. Here's a general rule: if you can measure it, you can quantify it.

EXAM TIP A failure to quantify the project objectives is a risk that the project won't achieve the customer's expectations. After all, what's fast and good to you may mean something entirely different to the project customer.

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