Using a Change Control System

While it's dreamy and ideal for requirements to be gathered completely before the work begins, change requests to the project work are still likely. Every project demands a change control system that defines and controls how changes to the project and to the product can be approved. The scope management plan defines the change control system, its procedure, and how the change decisions can be made—often with a fee just to entertain the change request. The change control system should be reviewed during the project kickoff meeting so that all of the stakeholders are aware of the process.

Change control is part of the project management information system to help control changes to the project scope. This helps automate the procedure, but doesn't necessarily make approving or denying change requests any easier. The change control system also considers integrated change control. Integrated change control examines the proposed change and how it affects all of the project's knowledge areas. For example:

• How does this change affect the project scope?

• How does this change affect the project schedule?

• How does this change affect quality?

• What resources are needed or affected by the change?

• How does this change affect communications?

• What risks does this change present?

• Will procurement be affected by this change?

The change control system should do several things for the project management team:

• Document all change requests

• Track each change request

• Document approval levels required for a scope change

• Provide the status of each change request

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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