Updating the Work Breakdown Structure

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When creating the activity list, the project team and the project manager may discover discrepancies or inadequacies in the existing WBS. Updates to the WBS allow the project manager to ensure that all the needed project deliverables are included in the WBS and then map the discovered deliverables to the identified work in the activity list.

In addition, the elements within the WBS may not be defined fully or correctly. During the decomposition of the work, elements of the WBS may need to be updated to reflect the proper description of the WBS elements. The descriptions should be complete and full and leave no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation. Finally, updates to the WBS may also include cost estimates to the discovered deliverables.

EXAM TIP Updates to the WBS are called refinements. As the project moves towards completion, refinements ensure that all of the deliverables are accounted for within the WBS. They may also call for, indirectly, updates to the activity list.

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